Tricks To Last Longer in Bed

In order to really satisfy a woman, you need to have some sexual stamina. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And men tend to come quicker than women. Partly there are biological reasons for it – after all, sex was originally meant to reproduce. And our chances of reproduction are a lot higher if we ejaculate after three minutes of intercourse than if we ejaculate after 30 minutes of intercourse, right? But since you probably don’t just want to have sex to reproduce, here are some tricks to last longer in bed.

Not The Start-Stop-Method

Look, we all know that the start-stop-method can work. If you interrupt intercourse often enough and long enough, then yeah, you can keep your excitement at a level where you will last longer.

But how much fun is that kind of sex?

Not much – neither for you, nor for her.

So let’s look at the stuff that is actually helpful.

7 Second Breathing

This is a simple breathing technique that you can do while you have intercourse. Always make sure that you’re practicing diaphragmatic breathing when you’re having sex (that means: breath with your belly, not with your chest). Here’s a video that shows you how to do diaphragmatic breathing, but this is just a prerequisite for the technique that will follow:

Here are the steps how to do this breathing technique to last longer:

  1. You breathe in through your nose, and the breathing in takes 7 seconds.
  2. Then you hold your breath in for 7 seconds.
  3. And then exhale through your mouth for 7 seconds.

And you just keep on breathing like this during intercourse.

Note: if 7 seconds is too long for you, then you can do 7, or 5 or 4 seconds – just make sure that the time you use to inhale, the time that you hold the breath in and the time that you use to exhale are equal.

Let Her Ride You

The position that is most likely to accelerate your ejaculation is the missionary position (when you are on top). If you let her be on top and ride you – while you lay with your back down, looking up at her as relaxed as possible, you’re stacking the cards in your favor.

woman riding on top of a horse

There are many simple tricks to last longer in bed, and combining them together will yield the biggest effect – it’s a simple law of addition in that regard.

Mind Control Sex

When you have sex and you want to last longer, you need to control your mind. Too many men start to ride away on a wave of excitement, and they create all these fantasies in their mind and focus on cumming, that they simply get carried away. Instead, you want to have an almost strategic mindset when you’re having sex.

chess board

What you think actually can activate the part of your nervous system that is in charge of triggering an orgasm. Now I do not recommend that you think unsexy thoughts while you’re having intercourse. But don’t watch a hot porn movie in the “cinema of your mind” either. Be aware of the experience, without getting carried away with excitement.

You can find more tricks to last longer in bed in Sexual Stamina Secrets.

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