How To Be Better in Bed

Pretty much every man wants to know how to be better in bed. And for good reasons: the more pleasure you give your partner, the more she will give you.

Plus, if you’re a great lover, this will make you more confident and proud, and assured of your manliness. Confidence will shine out of your eyes like light out of a spotlight.

Despite what many men think, being better in bed is not just about penetrating her harder and faster.

The three main elements of great love-making are:

  • endurance
  • sensuality
  • playfulness

When you learn to master premature ejaculation and become good at delaying your orgasms, you have got the first and foremost element covered. This is what the free Sexual Stamina Secrets report is all about.

Perception & Conception

If you want to know how to be better in bed, here’s a tip for you: get out of your head. Many men who aren’t good in bed conceptualize the experience. That means they overthink everything. In fact, when you’re f#cking you shouldn’t be thinking at all. You should switch off that part of your brain that’s thinking, and instead simply sense.

how to be better in bed

When you are perceiving things, then you are taking information in with your senses: you see something with your eyes, you hear something with your ears, you taste something with your mouth, you smell something with your nose, you feel something with your skin. But you don’t interpret, you don’t think about what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel.


Surprise your girl. Get her exciting when she’s not expecting it – you don’t want to fall into a dull routine where it feels like you’re having “habit sex”, just going through the motions.

A great time is if she’s just taking a shower and hasn’t dried off her body yet. Hold her arm, kiss her neck, stroke her back… because showering is such a sensual experience, she’ll be much more perceptive to your advances right away.


Keep the lines of communication open. Ask her if she’s having a good time – but ask her just once, not repeatedly. That way you show her that you care, without seeming insecure. Ask with a smile, as if you know the answer and just want to hear her say it. And remember that you don’t just communicate with your words: use your eyes too.

How to be better in bed? By being better connected and staying in touch with her – not just physically, but also mentally.

You Gotta Lick It

Now performing good oral sex on a woman is the easiest way to be better in bed. For one, oral sex really isn’t that difficult to master if you simply pay attention to the girl’s reactions and nonverbal signals she sends out (and sometimes very verbal signals).

Another benefit of performing oral sex on a girl is that it’s not really something that stimulates you – so it doesn’t push your arousal levels up high, and it can help you to perform longer.

9 to 1

The first 1-2cm of a woman’s vagina are actually the most sensitive. That’s why you want to really pay attention to them. 9 thrusts for the “welcoming area”, and then one deep one. You can keep that pattern to give her maximum pleasure.

So how to be better in bed?

Take it one step at a time. Master one thing before you move on to the next. And start out with endurance – that way, all the other skills will be so much easier to build.

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