Can Stress Cause Premature Ejaculation?

Most men don’t ever think about this. They think their sex life and their everyday life stresses aren’t related to each other, and that PE is maybe genetic or something they just have to live with. But let’s look at stress and premature ejaculation, and how they relate to each other.

Effects Of Stress On Your Body

Stress affects your body on many ways. Whenever you experience stress, your body produces coritsol and adrenalin. Both of these hormones cause a wide range of changes in your body. One of the bodily changes which are induced by stress is increased muscular tension. If you don’t believe me, get a hold of someone who is really stressed. Touch their neck, back or shoulders. Chances are, they have “rocks” in there. Really hard, tense muscles.

Muscular Tension And PE

Now if you have hard, tense muscles all the time, then that’s called high residual muscle tension. And men who have a high residual muscle tension many times also deal with premature ejaculation.

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Now keep this thing in mind: high residual muscle tension is not the same as being muscular. You could have a high muscle tone, yet be very thin and weak. Or you could be a really bulk, muscular guy but have a low residual muscle tension because you’re good at managing stress.

But how can stress cause premature ejaculation? Well, when you are having sex, what happens is that you gradually build up sexual arousal and tension, right?

That’s just natural – the more excited you get, the more intense everything feels, and the more your muscles tense up.

And muscle tension is good right? When you’re tense you have more control, right? Your muscles are hard. Isn’t that when you’re in control?

Actually no. It’s counterintuitive. But the more tense the muscles in your body are, the less control you have over your ejaculation. And the faster you will ejaculate.

Can Stress Cause Premature Ejaculation?

The answer is a clear yes. The more stress you have, the higher your residual muscle tension. And the higher your residual muscle tension, the more tense the muscles in your body will be when you have sex.

But we know that in order to delay your ejaculation, you need to keep the muscles in your body as relaxed as possible.

By the way: if you think that keeping your muscles relaxed during sex means not having hard’n’heavy sex, that’s not correct. You can use force during sex, the thing is, you don’t want your muscles to be constantly tight. It’s ok to flex them, but not to keep them in a constant state of tension.

How To Reduce Stress?

Practicing relaxation techniques regularly is one way how you can reduce the stress levels in your life.

Mastering stress management techniques is another way.

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