How To Prolong Ejaculation Naturally

In this article you’re going to learn how to prolong your ejaculation naturally.  There surely are a lot of creams and sprays and pills out there, but you never know what’s in them. Mother nature is probably the best healer there is.

There are plenty of herbs for PE that can help men to prolong ejaculating (and apart from the ones I mention here, there are also some herbal remedies for PE in ayurvedic medicine).

Wild Yam Supplement

The reason why a wild yam supplement can help you is because it raises your serotonin levels. However, don’t expect a miracle here – this is simply something you can do in addition to other things to help improve your sexual stamina a little bit.

Angelica Root Oil

This is an oil that you can apply directly on your penis – just massage your penis with this oil. It naturally kind of numbs your penis, so in that regards it works similar to many desensitizing creams.

Of course, you shouldn’t use this oil in combination with condoms, because oil can damage latex and make sex with condoms unsafe!

And if you don’t use condoms, then you have to be aware that this oil will not only affect your penis, but also your sex partner’s vagina. So it will kind of have a numbing effect on her vagina too, and that is probably not what you want. The combination of these two facts (don’t use it with a condom + if you use it without a condom it numbs her vagina) makes this pretty much a no-no in my book…

Clove Oil

Similar to Angelica root oil, and same problem, so just don’t use it…

Peppermint Oil

Same thing as with the other two oils.

Prolong Ejaculation Naturally Through Training

You can train yourself both physiologically and psychologically to last longer and delay your ejaculation.

You do have what it takes to prolong your ejaculation, and you don’t really need to take any kind of supplement or drug. They can help you to balance things out on a biochemical level in some cases, but the most important thing you can do is really to follow a systematic approach to training yourself to last longer. And that’s what you get in Sexual Stamina Secrets – to get it, simply put your email in the field above (it’s totally free).

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