Spermatorrehea means excessive and/or accidental ejaculation or “accidental release”, oftentimes without actually having an orgasm (so the man ejaculations, but doesn’t experience the intense positive feelings of an orgasm). It could be classified as a neurological disorder (aka nervous disorder or neurological disease). It’s not the same as premature ejaculation, but it’s closely related.

Did you masturbate a lot?

Spermatorrhea is most common in men who have masturbated excessively and suffered (or still suffer) from masturbation addiction.

Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations?

Many men who suffer from spermatorrhea prefer to avoid social situations where they mingle with people. They tend to struggle with feelings of inadequacy and often believe that other’s might notice their problem. As you can see, there is a strong psychological component to spermatorrhea.

Enjoy Sex Less?

Another common symptom is that men enjoy actual sex less (intercourse, not masturbation). They might be addicted to masturbation, but they gain less pleasure from their sexual activities than a healthy man would.

Overindulgence in Sexual Fantasies?

Oftentimes men with spermatorrhea have or still are overindulging in sexual fantasies. This might seem paradoxical at first when you consider that they enjoy sex less, but it actually is plausible when you think of it. They try to compensate the reduced amount of pleasure they gain from perception by overindulging in sexual imagination.

Lack of energy?

Among the symptoms of spermatorrhea is also fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion, a lack of energy. You can sometimes even see this because the eyes have a kind of “dull expression”.

Treatments for Spermatorrhea

In Ayurvedic medicine the most common potions used to treat spermatorrhea are:

  • Bala
  • Confido
  • Ashwaganda

There are many spermatorrhea treatments, and I do suggest you read the Sexual Stamina Secrets.

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