ManDelay Climax Control Gel Review

ManDelay Climax Control Gel
Date published: 2013-04-30
Review Item: ManDelay Gel

ManDelay is one of the most popular premature ejaculation gels in the US.

The thing is that it works for some men, and not for others. Some men think it’s too strong, numbing their penis too much or making it feel like they are “wearing a sock on their d!ck while f#cking a girl”. Others say that it doesn’t numb the penis enough and they still cum too son. And again others say that it’s perfect, and that they last so long and have amazing sex when they put ManDelay gel on their penis.

So the effectiveness really depends on the people.

I think one of the reasons why ManDelay is so popular is because it’s such a low-priced product, and it’s widely available, so many men who have that problem (PE) just try it out. It’s also a big and known brand, so you don’t risk somehow exposing your man-parts to toxic chemicals.

How Does ManDelay Work?

The gel contains an anesthetic which numbs the nerve endings in the penis. So you basically have less feelings in your penis, your penis is less sensitive, as long as the gel still works.


The active ingredient in ManDelay is Benzocaine 7.5%.  Inactive ingredients are Carbomer Homopolymer Type B (Allyl Pentaerythritol Crosslinked), Propylene Glycol.

It’s a clear lubricating gel, in appearance pretty much like the famous K-Y jelly, but of course with the added Benzocaine.

Instructions / How To Use it

You just apply Mandelay ointment to the shaft of your penis before intercourse. After intercourse you should wash it off as soon as possible.

You can use it in combination with condoms, because none of the ingredients affect latex.

What does it feel like?

When you first apply it to your penis, it will probably feel a bit warm and is actually a pleasant sensation.

Side Effects

I’m not aware of any side effects for people who aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. If you’re using ManDelay for the first time, I suggest that you just apply it to a very small area on your skin and then wait for three hours – if there is no allergic reaction (redness, itchiness, swelling, pain) then you can probably use it safely. ManDelay Climax Control Gel is FDA approved.


It works for some men and not for others. Since you apply the gel to your penis before entering into the vagina, it can also affect your sex partner if you don’t wear a condom. So in those cases it will not just make you feel less, but also make your girl feel less. I guess that’s not what you want.

Also, when you look at the official website of the manufacturer they provide pretty much no information, and the product itself also does not provide usage instructions or dosage directions.

The main issue I have with all male genital desensitizer products is that they do not really help to solve the underlying problem. Sure, it’s easy to just put a bit of gel on your member, but when you use the right methods and put in some practice and training, you can actually learn to last longer, and with strong, hard and confident erections.

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  • Sean May 22, 2013, 12:42 pm

    I tried this and it really made my girl go numb. Screw this stuff!

    • Timothy Turner May 31, 2013, 3:10 am

      @Sean: Yeah, if you don’t use a condom you shouldn’t be using it, and even with a condom, I don’t really recommend it. There are better ways to fix premature ejaculation.


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