How To Control Sexual Arousal For Men

One of the things that you’ll need to to if you want to beat premature ejaculation is that you’ll be able to control your sexual arousal levels.

Now notice that I did not say AVOID or REDUCE sexual arousal.

Because that’s not what I’m recommending you to do.

Stuff like: “Think of algebra when having sex” or anything of that kind.

You see, when you think unerotic thoughts during sex, you have less fun, and you’re less excited, and your partner will feel that you’re not 100% at it, and it’s just not good sex.

There’s a better way to control sexual arousal for men.

But in order to control sexual arousal, you first need to be able to understand your sexual arousal.

You can’t control what you don’t understand. Simple rule of life.

So let me ask you this: how does your arousal work?

There are many ways to look at it, but I found that the most practical way of looking at it is to divide sexual arousal into 4 phases:

  1. The “getting hard” phase – this is where something makes you horny and blood flows into your penis and you get an erection.
  2. The “hard & easy” phase – this is where your erection is hard and strong, but you’re still kind of in an easy state. You’re not overly excited. Your balls are still kind of hanging losely.
  3. The “getting there” phase – this is where your arousal and excitements really starts to escalate, and your genital area gets warm, the head of your penis gets bigger and more sensitive and you can “feel it cumming”.
  4. The ejaculation phase – this is where your perineal muscles finally contract and you ejaculate and have your orgasm.

Now sexual arousal control is all about “surfing in phase 2”. Because as soon as you get into phase three, you either gotta cool down back into phase two, or you just get “ready to launch”.

The first step is to simply be aware of what is happening. Self-awareness is a prerequisite for self-control.

Interestingly, the arousal stages are mostly controlled by what’s going on in your head, and not what’s going on with your body. The psychological part weights in much more heavily than the physiological part.

So it’s pretty much a head game. Now that’s good, because you can learn to control this part of the arousal process.

So how do you train to control your arousal?

Well, the best way for most men will be to do this when they are masturbating. You see, next time you masturbate, just try to intuitively stay at phase one – and when you feel like crossing over into phase three, just slow down, cool down a bit – this can be difficult, but it’s an important practice exercise.

There’s more to sexual arousal control, and I cover a lot of it in Sexual Stamina Secrets. You can get it for free if you click on that link.

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