Condom Collapse Syndrome

Condom collapse syndrome is when you lose your erection when you put on a condom.

Now first of all, please put your mind to rest:

you’re not impotent.

It’s simply a fact that when you wear a condom you feel less.

Now when you talk to “experts” (ahem…) about this, they usually will tell you:

“Oh, it’s just the anxiety. It’s just because you’re nervous when you put on a condom. Let the girl put on the condom, and that will have you so excited that you will maintain your erection.”

Uhm, yeah, right.

“Thank you very much Mister Expert.”

And when you tell them that didn’t do it, then they’ll recommend you talk to a professional counsellor.

Wow. Yet another “expert”.

And yeah, thinner condoms are a good idea, but for most people with real bad condom collapse syndrome, even super-thin high-sensitivity condoms don’t do the job.

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